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#! /bin/bash
# Copyright (c) 2016, the R8 project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# This script will update the host art VM in tools/linux/art
# Before running this script make sure that you have a full android build
# and that the host Art version required is build in ~/android/master:
# m -j24
# m -j24 build-art
# Maybe also run the Art host tests:
# m -j24 test-art-host
set -e
function usage {
echo "Usage: $(basename $0)"
echo " [--android-checkout <android repo root>]"
echo " [--art-dir <destination directory>]"
echo " [--android-product <product name>]"
echo " [--destination-dir <destination directory>]"
echo ""
echo " --android-checkout specifies the Android repo root"
echo " Defaults to: $ANDROID_CHECKOUT"
echo ""
echo " --art-dir specifies the directory name inside the root destination"
echo " directory for the art bundle"
echo " Defaults to: $ART_DIR"
echo ""
echo " --android-product specifies the Android product for the framework to include"
echo " Defaults to: $ANDROID_PRODUCT"
echo ""
echo " --destination-dir specifies the root destination directory for the art bundle"
echo " Defaults to: $DEST_ROOT"
echo ""
echo "Update the master version of art from ~/android/master:"
echo " "
echo " $(basename $0)"
echo " "
echo "Update a specific version of art:"
echo " "
echo " $(basename $0) --android-checkout ~/android/5.1.1_r19 --art-dir 5.1.1"
echo " "
echo "Test the Art bundle in a temporary directory:"
echo " "
echo " $(basename $0) --android-checkout ~/android/5.1.1_r19 --art-dir art-5.1.1 --android-product mako --destination-dir /tmp/art"
echo " "
exit 1
# Process options.
while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
case $1 in
shift 2
shift 2
shift 2
shift 2
echo "Unkonwn option $1"
echo ""
# Clean out the previous version of Art
rm -rf $DEST
# Required binaries and scripts.
mkdir -p $DEST/bin
if [ -f $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/bin/art ]; then
cp $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/bin/art $DEST/bin
cp $ANDROID_CHECKOUT/art/tools/art $DEST/bin
cp $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/bin/dalvikvm64 $DEST/bin
cp $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/bin/dalvikvm32 $DEST/bin
# Copy the dalvikvm link creating a regular file instead, as does
# not allow tar files with symbolic links (depending on Android/Art version dalvikvm links to
# dalvikvm32 or dalvikvm64).
cp $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/bin/dalvikvm $DEST/bin
cp $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/bin/dex2oat $DEST/bin
cp $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/bin/patchoat $DEST/bin
# Required framework files.
mkdir -p $DEST/framework
cp -R $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/framework/* $DEST/framework
# Required library files.
mkdir -p $DEST/lib64
cp -r $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/lib64/* $DEST/lib64
mkdir -p $DEST/lib
cp -r $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/lib/* $DEST/lib
# Image files required for dex2oat of actual android apps. We need an actual android product
# image containing framework classes to verify the code against.
mkdir -p $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework
cp -r $ANDROID_TARGET_BUILD/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/* $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework
# Required auxillary files.
mkdir -p $DEST/usr/icu
cp -r $ANDROID_HOST_BUILD/usr/icu/* $DEST/usr/icu
# Update links for vdex files for Android P and later.
if [ -f $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/boot.vdex ]; then
for VDEXFILE in $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/*.vdex; do
VDEXNAME=$(basename ${VDEXFILE});
for ARCH in arm arm64; do
rm $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/$ARCH/${VDEXNAME};
# This relative link command will create a symbolic link of the form
# ../${VDEXNAME} for each architecture.
# ln -r -s $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/${VDEXNAME} $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/$ARCH/${VDEXNAME};
# The Cloud Storage dependency tool ( does
# not allow synlinks at all, so instad of the ln in the comment above just
# copy the ${VDEXNAME} files.
cp $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/${VDEXNAME} $DEST/product/$ANDROID_PRODUCT/system/framework/$ARCH/${VDEXNAME};
# Allow failure for strip commands below.
set +e
strip $DEST/bin/* 2> /dev/null
strip $DEST/lib/*
strip $DEST/lib64/*
strip $DEST/framework/x86/* 2> /dev/null
strip $DEST/framework/x86_64/* 2> /dev/null
echo "Now run"
echo "(cd $DEST_ROOT; -a --bucket r8-deps $ART_DIR)"