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Dx version: 1.13
dx.bat and dx.jar are fetched from SDK build tools 26.0.0.
dx.bat has been modified so that the code that checks if 'java' if on current path
is removed and replaced by a direct reference to it.
This is done because this relies on a tool found in the SDK and not present in the
current package.
Also, the deprecated java.ext.dirs argument has been removed.
< set java_exe=
< if exist "%~dp0..\tools\lib\find_java.bat" call "%~dp0..\tools\lib\find_java.bat"
< if exist "%~dp0..\..\tools\lib\find_java.bat" call "%~dp0..\..\tools\lib\find_java.bat"
< if not defined java_exe goto :EOF
> REM set java_exe=
> REM if exist "%~dp0..\tools\lib\find_java.bat" call "%~dp0..\tools\lib\find_java.bat"
> REM if exist "%~dp0..\..\tools\lib\find_java.bat" call "%~dp0..\..\tools\lib\find_java.bat"
> REM if not defined java_exe goto :EOF
< call "%java_exe%" %javaOpts% -Djava.ext.dirs="%frameworkdir%" -jar "%jarpath%" %params%
> call java %javaOpts% -jar "%jarpath%" %params%
dexmerger.bat has been copied from dx.bat, and the command line has been updated
according to the SDK dexmerger bash script to call the right class.