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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2017, the R8 project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import create_maven_release
import gradle
import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import toolhelper
import utils
import zipfile
ARCHIVE_BUCKET = 'r8-releases'
def GetToolVersion(jar_path):
output = subprocess.check_output(['java', '-jar', jar_path, '--version'])
return output.splitlines()[0].strip()
def GetVersion():
r8_version = GetToolVersion(utils.R8_JAR)
d8_version = GetToolVersion(utils.D8_JAR)
# The version printed is "D8 vVERSION_NUMBER" and "R8 vVERSION_NUMBER"
# Sanity check that versions match.
if d8_version.split()[1] != r8_version.split()[1]:
raise Exception(
'Version mismatch: \n%s\n%s' % (d8_version, r8_version))
return d8_version.split()[1]
def GetGitBranches():
return subprocess.check_output(['git', 'show', '-s', '--pretty=%d', 'HEAD'])
def GetGitHash():
return subprocess.check_output(['git', 'rev-parse', 'HEAD']).strip()
def IsMaster(version):
branches = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'branch', '-r', '--contains',
if not version.endswith('-dev'):
# Sanity check, we don't want to archive on top of release builds EVER
# Note that even though we branch, we never push the bots to build the same
# commit as master on a branch since we always change the version to
# not have dev (or we crash here :-)).
if 'origin/master' in branches:
raise Exception('We are seeing origin/master in a commit that '
'don\'t have -dev in version')
return False
if not 'origin/master' in branches:
raise Exception('We are not seeing origin/master '
'in a commit that have -dev in version')
return True
def GetStorageDestination(storage_prefix,
# We archive master commits under raw/master instead of directly under raw
version_dir = GetVersionDestination(storage_prefix,
return '%s/%s' % (version_dir, file_name)
def GetVersionDestination(storage_prefix, version_or_path, is_master):
archive_dir = 'raw/master' if is_master else 'raw'
return '%s%s/%s/%s' % (storage_prefix, ARCHIVE_BUCKET,
archive_dir, version_or_path)
def GetUploadDestination(version_or_path, file_name, is_master):
return GetStorageDestination('gs://', version_or_path, file_name, is_master)
def GetUrl(version_or_path, file_name, is_master):
return GetStorageDestination('',
version_or_path, file_name, is_master)
def GetMavenUrl(is_master):
return GetVersionDestination('', '', is_master)
def Main():
if not 'BUILDBOT_BUILDERNAME' in os.environ:
raise Exception('You are not a bot, don\'t archive builds')
# Create maven release first which uses a build that exclude dependencies.
create_maven_release.main(["--out", utils.LIBS])
# Generate and copy the build that exclude dependencies.
gradle.RunGradleExcludeDeps([utils.R8, utils.R8_SRC])
shutil.copyfile(utils.R8_JAR, utils.R8_EXCLUDE_DEPS_JAR)
# Ensure all archived artifacts has been built before archiving.
gradle.RunGradle([utils.D8, utils.R8, utils.COMPATDX, utils.COMPATPROGUARD])
version = GetVersion()
is_master = IsMaster(version)
if is_master:
# On master we use the git hash to archive with
print 'On master, using git hash for archiving'
version = GetGitHash()
destination = GetVersionDestination('gs://', version, is_master)
if utils.cloud_storage_exists(destination):
raise Exception('Target archive directory %s already exists' % destination)
with utils.TempDir() as temp:
version_file = os.path.join(temp, '')
with open(version_file,'w') as version_writer:
version_writer.write('version.sha=' + GetGitHash() + '\n')
'releaser=go/r8bot (' + os.environ.get('BUILDBOT_SLAVENAME') + ')\n')
for file in [utils.D8_JAR,
file_name = os.path.basename(file)
tagged_jar = os.path.join(temp, file_name)
shutil.copyfile(file, tagged_jar)
if file_name.endswith('.jar') and not file_name.endswith('-src.jar'):
with zipfile.ZipFile(tagged_jar, 'a') as zip:
zip.write(version_file, os.path.basename(version_file))
destination = GetUploadDestination(version, file_name, is_master)
print('Uploading %s to %s' % (tagged_jar, destination))
utils.upload_file_to_cloud_storage(tagged_jar, destination)
print('File available at: %s' % GetUrl(version, file_name, is_master))
if file == utils.R8_JAR:
# Upload R8 to a maven compatible location.
maven_dst = GetUploadDestination(utils.get_maven_path(version),
'r8-%s.jar' % version, is_master)
utils.upload_file_to_cloud_storage(tagged_jar, maven_dst)
print('Maven repo root available at: %s' % GetMavenUrl(is_master))
if __name__ == '__main__':