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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2019, the R8 project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# This script is designed to run on a buildbot to build from the source
# of and publish to the
# r8-release Cloud Storage Bucket.
# These files are uploaded:
# raw/desugar_jdk_libs/<VERSION>/desugar_jdk_libs.jar
# raw/desugar_jdk_libs/<VERSION>/
# raw/com/android/tools/desugar_jdk_libs/<VERSION>/desugar_jdk_libs-<VERSION>.jar
# The first two are the raw jar file and the maven compatible zip file. The
# third is the raw jar file placed and named so that the URL
# can be treated as a maven
# repository to fetch the artifact
import archive
import git_utils
import optparse
import os
import re
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import utils
LIBRARY_NAME = 'desugar_jdk_libs'
def ParseOptions(argv):
result = optparse.OptionParser()
result.add_option('--dry-run', '--dry_run',
help='Running on bot, use third_party dependency.',
result.add_option('--dry-run-output', '--dry_run_output',
help='Output directory for dry run.',
type="string", action="store")
result.add_option('--github-account', '--github_account',
help='GitHub account to clone from.',
type="string", action="store")
(options, args) = result.parse_args(argv)
return (options, args)
def GetVersion(version_file_name):
with open(version_file_name, 'r') as version_file:
lines = [line.strip() for line in version_file.readlines()]
lines = [line for line in lines if not line.startswith('#')]
if len(lines) != 1:
raise Exception('Version file '
+ version_file + ' is expected to have exactly one line')
version = lines[0].strip()
version, 'in version file ' + version_file_name)
return version
def Upload(options, file_name, storage_path, destination, is_master):
print('Uploading %s to %s' % (file_name, destination))
if options.dry_run:
if options.dry_run_output:
dry_run_destination = \
os.path.join(options.dry_run_output, os.path.basename(file_name))
print('Dry run, not actually uploading. Copying to '
+ dry_run_destination)
shutil.copyfile(file_name, dry_run_destination)
print('Dry run, not actually uploading')
utils.upload_file_to_cloud_storage(file_name, destination)
print('File available at: %s' %
destination.replace('gs://', '', 1))
def Main(argv):
(options, args) = ParseOptions(argv)
if (len(args) > 0):
raise Exception('Unsupported arguments')
if not utils.is_bot() and not options.dry_run:
raise Exception('You are not a bot, don\'t archive builds. '
+ 'Use --dry-run to test locally')
if (options.dry_run_output and
(not os.path.exists(options.dry_run_output) or
not os.path.isdir(options.dry_run_output))):
raise Exception(options.dry_run_output
+ ' does not exist or is not a directory')
if utils.is_bot():
# Make sure bazel is extracted in third_party.
# Only handling versioned desugar_jdk_libs.
is_master = False
with utils.TempDir() as checkout_dir:
+ options.github_account + '/' + LIBRARY_NAME, checkout_dir)
with utils.ChangedWorkingDirectory(checkout_dir):
version = GetVersion(VERSION_FILE)
destination = archive.GetVersionDestination(
'gs://', LIBRARY_NAME + '/' + version, is_master)
if utils.cloud_storage_exists(destination) and not options.dry_run:
raise Exception(
'Target archive directory %s already exists' % destination)
bazel = os.path.join(utils.BAZEL_TOOL, 'lib', 'bazel', 'bin', 'bazel')
cmd = [bazel, 'build', 'maven_release']
cmd = [bazel, 'shutdown']
# Locate the library jar and the maven zip with the jar from the
# bazel build.
library_jar = os.path.join(
'bazel-bin', 'src', 'share', 'classes', 'java', 'libjava.jar')
maven_zip = os.path.join('bazel-bin', LIBRARY_NAME +'.zip')
storage_path = LIBRARY_NAME + '/' + version
# Upload the jar file with the library.
destination = archive.GetUploadDestination(
storage_path, LIBRARY_NAME + '.jar', is_master)
Upload(options, library_jar, storage_path, destination, is_master)
# Upload the maven zip file with the library.
destination = archive.GetUploadDestination(
storage_path, LIBRARY_NAME + '.zip', is_master)
Upload(options, maven_zip, storage_path, destination, is_master)
# Upload the jar file for accessing GCS as a maven repro.
maven_destination = archive.GetUploadDestination(
utils.get_maven_path('desugar_jdk_libs', version),
'desugar_jdk_libs-%s.jar' % version,
if options.dry_run:
print('Dry run, not actually creating maven repo')
utils.upload_file_to_cloud_storage(library_jar, maven_destination)
print('Maven repo root available at: %s' % archive.GetMavenUrl(is_master))
if __name__ == '__main__':